“I am an immigrant but I do not write about migration issues. And this is what I call social inclusion!”

That’s why our topics vary!


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Our 1st educational program!


Inclumedia Lab

We make tandems of im/migrants who are willing to become journalists or used to work as journalists in their home countries with local students of journalism. During their participation at Inclumedia Lab they attend to a 3 month educational program and gain the basic skills of journalism through training sessions that are being implemented by our media partners. In this way, they practice their skills and knowledge while experiencing alternative perspectives by meeting different cultures through the interaction with their partner.

Solomon Screen is on air!



To mark our anniversary, we wanted to make a video and we decided it will be about stereotypes, from a rather humorous perspective. Stereotypes have always existed and will continue to exist. Mass media most likely plays the largest role in maintaining and reproducing stereotypes.

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