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If you really think about it, we are part of a society (given its structure and evolution), which doesn’t take into account the individuals, who for various reasons, deliberate or not, have been marginalized by this very society. Solomon is not an initiative that has been created by locals in order to support immigrants and refugees alone. It’s an idea of working together as a team for the benefit of our society. Because at the end of the day, integration is an issue that affects not only one community, but society as a whole.

What We Do

Solomon is a community of people with different backgrounds that through its activities aims to promote an alternative perspective of the local society; more functional for all its members.

And we do this through media! Our core team is consisted of talented people who live in Athens, Greece and originate from many countries. Being an immigrant or a refugee doesn’t mean that you can only express your thoughts about migration issues. That’s why our topics vary!

Our first activity is the publication of a digital magazine, written both in Greek and English and everyone is more than welcome to join. We encourage refugees & immigrants to join the co-shaping of society through the free expression of their views, ideas & skills. Involving locals in equal terms is a prerequisite in every phase of each project because we recognize that social integration is an issue that concerns all of us as a whole and not refugees and immigrants alone.

We focus on the collaboration. Everyone is actively involved and this philosophy leads us to take into account every scope of what we are working on.


Τhe creation of Solomon Μagazine is our first action and our motivation is the belief that all people have an opinion and they should have the right to express it, especially about matters that affect them directly. 


When the discussion comes to social integration, then prior immigrants and refugees are those who better than anyone else are aware of the needs and what the social integration framework lacks of. 


Our core team comes from 5 different countries and our skills vary; journalism, photography, web development, entrepreneurship.

Why So Many


The title of Solomon originates from the main character of the book “The Elephant’s Journey” by the Portuguese author Jose Saramago. The book tells the story of Solomon, an elephant who does not speak with words but only with actions. The king of Portugal gave Solomon to the Archduke of Austria as a wedding gift, and Solomon travelled from Lisbon to Vienna on foot. However, before that, Solomon had to walk from India to Portugal as well, when the king first purchased him. During his journeys, Solomon ‘transforms’ into various personalities through the eyes of the people he meets, although in reality, his character remains the same. This, with the long distances he travels, makes him a symbolic representative of refugees and immigrants.

Our team

Anna Mironova | Russia

Nadir Noori | Afghanistan

Fanis Kollias | Greece

Nasruddin Nizami | Afghanistan

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