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The Afghan Community in Greece is in the privileged position to invite you to its conference, titled “Caught between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea: the impasse of the Afghan refugees”, which will be held at the Cultural Center of the Municipality of Athens, Akadimias 50, on Tuesday the 14th of March 2017 at 12.00.

The basic impetus which led to the organizing of the above conference with the specific topic is the consecutive and increasing waves of refugees to Europe from Afghanistan, a phenomenon which in essence shows the desperate and turbulent situation of large parts of the population of this country during the last decades.  The fact is that the international community continues to turn a blind eye to this inexorable reality leading the local population to desperation and inevitably to refugee status.

With this conference our Community comes to respond to the lack of active international mobilization, seeking to awaken and mobilize all the sympathizing powers in Greece and abroad, in order to help and reveal the problem which afflicts this region of the planet and demands desperately peace and democracy.

The honor that the speakers of this conference do is given, as they come from different backgrounds and personal trajectories and they will, nonetheless, share their experiences. The quintessence if this conference is the presence of the visitors who can become the messengers of the basic messages of this open event, that is, freedom, justice, democracy, peace, recognition of the rights of Afghan refugees.

Thus your presence will help us in juxtaposing openly and fermenting different views and ideas and finally different cultures which will maximize the prestige of our conference, making it the reference point domestically and abroad.


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