Hey, you who think we can't build the world we want to live in? Are you sure?

by georgina razack
Trump is President, Britain has left the EU, coups still happen, refugees still arrive, war continues in the Middle East and the global collective psyche is set to: fear and tensionWith the recent events and the ongoing economic shift dividing people in to 2 camps; unity vs polarization, inclusive vs exclusive, borders vs no bordersit seems impossible to work as a collective to build a common dream. Or is it?
A year ago if you had told me that, “George, you’re going to inspire people to build a community centre and a playground for kids, and creating it will happen in just 4 days”, I’d have told you, “Dude. You trippin“. And if you told me this would happen in Brazil, I would have called the police because boy, are you a sandwich short of a picnic.
But funny thing life. Sometimes it surprises you in the most unexpected, beautiful way and just when you’ve decided to unfriend, block, 
undoubletap society, it shows you that we, us homo sapiens, are capable of greatness. In a nutshell, Warriors Without Weapons, run by Instituto Elos, is a leadership development program about building your dream. But this is simplifying it. There is so much more that happens and because the program is experiential, that is, recognizes that it is the process of the experience where transformation occurs, watch this video to catch the vibes.

So how do you build the best world possible?

  • Change your gaze
  • Use the resources already available to you
  • Celebrate your talents
  • Design, plan and take action to build your dreams
  • Dance wherever you can
  • Play!
  • Laugh!
  • Talk to people
  • And listen to them. Really listen

You and 60 open minded people from all corners of the world. 3 favelas. Laughing, crying, arguing, understanding, sharing, dancing, singing, building and creating.  Ready to change things?

If you are check out the website to play the YES game.

Good luck!

Written by Georgina Razack

photo credits: Georgina Razack & Instituto Elos/Alyson Montrezol


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