Abdulazez Dukhan is from Homs of Syria. He arrived in Greece in 2016 and currently lives in Thessaloniki. He loves arts & photography and through his Facebook Page “Through Refugee Eyes” captures the daily reality in refugee camps.

A tribute to our volunteers!

Volunteers, we love you! Throughout the last 7 months, an excessive number of refugees have remained in Greece. In spite of the difficulties, we have found the most willing, truly awesome volunteers, who put the best of their efforts to make it easier for us. These people did not accept the situation as it is, -as we did not accept it-, by staying home and watching the refugee crisis in the news, they decided to stand up for their cause and become active, by coming from their countries to help us! Here, you can see some photos of our volunteers! I met them; all of them are such nice people, always with a smile in their face! Today, we unite our voices to express our gratitude to those people. Volunteers, thank you so much, we really appreciate what you did and you are still doing. We love you so much, each and every one of you! As long as we have such amazing people like you, we do not care about governments’ policies. With you… we can continue our way and fight for humanity.

Written by Abdulazez Dukhan  |  Edited by Ariadni Polichroniou

photo credits: Abdulazez Dukhan


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